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Will my Pet trigger my Home Security System?

The quick answer is no, most pets will not trigger a false alarm on your system. However, this is a perfect example of why talking to a qualified technician is beneficial! One of our experienced technicians at First Line Security would be able to go over various scenarios and options prior to installing a system in order to minimize the chance of false alarms being caused.

When getting your initial quote, Doug or Matt will review all common scenarios that home owners have, including pets. They may even ask to meet Buddy as all of us at First Line Security are huge animal lovers.

The main issues with pets are motion detectors. They are armed when the home owners are away and as we all know, when the home owners are away the animals will play. One solution to this problem is something called Pet Immune Motion Sensors. Pet friendly motion sensors take into consideration multiple factors including weight, height, movement patters and body temperature to rule out the pet.

These motion detectors will typically not trigger alarms if the pet weighs less than 60 pounds. This eliminates most dogs, cats, and any smaller pets but if your furry friend looks more like a Beethoven then a Toto, we can discuss the option of securing your home without the use of motion detectors.

The placement of motion detectors is also a key factor. We can avoid placing them in rooms where pets spend the majority of their time and/or avoid placing them in front of windows that dogs rush up to while barking at the mailman.

However, after all is said and done, pets are unpredictable. So if Tigger tends to take after his namesake and be “Bouncy trouncy flouncy pouncy, fun fun fun fun fun” and pulls down a curtain rod maybe  the best choice for your home would be to secure it without the use of motion sensors.