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Alarms Systems

Provide your home or business with around-the-clock monitoring with alarm systems from First Line Security.

WT5500 Alarm System KeypadProtect your property and family with alarm systems that help protect you against of invasion, theft, damage, fire, carbon monoxide and more. These systems alert you and local authorities of these threats as they occur.

First Line Security uses DSC alarm system products for our home and business solutions, offering unrivaled customization to your needs.

DSC is a global leader in electronic security, with unbeatable leading-edge technology and industry experience. DSC products are reliable, flexible and durable security solutions of the highest quality.

Alarm systems that are easy to install, use and upgrade.

Contact First Line Security for more information about the security solution that's right for you.


For a list of the types of home and business alarm system products available through First Line Security, view the categories here: