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  • 8 Language Support
  • Global Partition Status
  • Full 32-Character Programmable Phrases
  • Modern, Slim-Line Landscape Keypad
  • Enlarged Keypad Buttons
  • 5 Programmable Function Keys
  • Intuitive Clock Programming
  • Input/Output Terminal Can Be Programmed to Operate as a Zone Input, Programmable Output or as a Low Temperature Sensor
  • Individual FAP Keys
  • Multiple Door Chime Per Zone
  • Adjustable Backlight & Keypad Buzzer
  • Wire Channel
  • Dual Wall-Mount & Front Cover Tamper
  • Easy-to-Install Mounting Hinge
  • Surface or Single-Gang Box Mount
  • New AC Status ICON
  • Available With English Function Keys
  • Supports English, French & Spanish