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Introduction to Medical Alarms

Do you know someone who lives alone that you worry about? Or have you heard one of the horror stories of some elderly person who has fallen and lays on the ground for days before someone comes to visit?

If this is a concern for you or someone you love then a medical alarm may be just what you need.




What is a medical alarm?

• There are different versions that have different features, but essentially a medical alarm is a pendant that you wear somewhere on your body so if you fall or get into a situation where you can’t reach the phone you can simply push a button and help will come to you.

What if it gets pushed by accident?

• False alarms are common when you first get your medical alarm. When wearing it as a necklace, something as simple as opening a jar of pickles may hit the button. That is why the monitoring station will call your home first. If you pick up the phone you can simply say it was a false alarm. If you don’t pick up, they will continue on to the other names on the list.

What if I don’t want the ambulance to come?

• The ambulance does not necessarily have to be dispatched right away. When one of our authorized dealers arrives to set up your medical alarm one of their questions will be “who do you want on your call list? Depending on the requirements of the individual, this may be a close neighbor, friend or family member that would be able to quickly reach your house to check on your. However if someone has a serious issue such as a heart condition, time may be of the essence and the ambulance may be a good first choice. Ultimately the decision is yours, and we can customize the call list throughout your use of it to match with your changing needs.

If you would like to learn more give us a call at 519-881-1103 or use the Get In Touch on the side of the page and someone from First Line Security will answer your questions.