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FAQ's About Security

What makes a good security company? How do you know you can trust that the company you chose will keep you safe? Below is a list of a few questions that you should be sure to ask any potential security company. Hopefully, these will assist you in making an informed decision about your security needs. 

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False Alarms

False alarms are to be expected when a security system is installed. Keep reading to learn some tips for preventing false alarms in your home. 

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Fall TV Series

Fall keeps us indoors and watching TV with a wide range of crime dramas with their amazing video surveillance.

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Summer Crime Series #1

Who doesn’t love laying on the beach, soaking up the rays and reading a John Grisham crime novel? I know I do! But when crime happens in our own back yard it is pretty alarming… no pun intended

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Security and your Farm

Security Systems can be used for more than just catching criminals. Read on to learn more about protecting your farm and livestock!

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Who's Watching Your Social Media?

You know that selfie that you just posted, standing in front of an airplane at Pearson with the caption “off to the beach for the next seven days” You think you are just telling your friends that you are off to soak up the sun but who else is paying attention....

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