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Security and your Smart Phone

Gone are the days when we left home without locking our doors or left keys in easily detectable places. Many of us like to think that in small towns we are immune to crime and burglary but unfortunately that is no longer the case.

Because of this, security systems are becoming increasingly common in businesses, homes and cottages. But in order for them to be effective they need to be turned on. This can be difficult when you aren’t used to setting something before you leave your house. You grab your stuff, lock your door, hop in your car and get about 10 minutes away before you remember that you didn’t set the alarm. Not to worry First Line Security has a solution for you! We now offer the ability to log on to your smart phone, tablet, or anything that has an internet connection and set your alarm.

Not only can you set it from your phone but there are many other features as well including event logging, alerts by text or email, zone bypass, arm and disarm.

Let's say you are gone for the weekend but your teenage daughter was going out to a party. You tell her what time her curfew is but you just want to make sure she follows it. Now you can log into the App and see when she got home by looking at when the alarm was disarmed. No more sneaking around with a security system.

If you want to learn more about how your smart phone can be integrated with your security system click HERE or Get In Touch with us.