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Security and your Farm

You’ve seen the commercials for those big box companies and hopefully you have heard our ads on local radio, so you know what a security system can do for your home. But did you know that First Line Security can help keep your farm running smoothly from the comfort of your home.

Animals are very sensitive to climate shifts or disruption to their feeding cycles, a loss of water for 30 minutes may mean the difference between 1000 eggs or 100. At First Line Security, we can work with you to design a system that meets your individual needs and that of your livestock. We have a variety of sensors to alert you of any problem that may arise including adjustments in temperature, power outages, etc.

Another feature that many people don’t think of is video surveillance in barns. Now I know what you’re thinking… they took that new movie “The Secret Life of Pets” a little too seriously. Not exactly, although how fun would it be if your cows just started head banging to heavy metal when you turned off the lights?!?!

Some of our clients have found that cameras in birthing pens have been extremely beneficial. Because you don’t need the clarity to identify a suspect, we are able to install cost effective cameras that allow you to stay in the comfort of your bed and make sure Bessy is safe and sound in hers. We can link the camera(s) to your cell phone so you can see a real time image of the pen and check on her progress. As an added bonus, growing up on a dairy farm, Doug’s quite comfortable working around livestock.

To find out more about how First Line Security can help you with your security needs give us a call at 519-881-1103 or email your questions to