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Fall TV Series

For some, the beginning of Fall means brisk walks in the changing forest, bundling up in scarves and boots and of course, pumpkin spice everything. For others who are more inclined to the warmer temperatures, it means shorter days and dread of the impending snow. But no matter your feelings on the changing weather, many can agree that the new Fall line-up of TV shows is a definite perk!

Whether you are a reality T.V. junky or in need a good laugh from those geeks on the Big Bang Theory, there is something for everyone, and of course there is no shortage of crime dramas. It seems as though there is an endless stream of crime solving shows taking place in various cities across the United States and all of these shows follow the same general guidelines - 
Step 1 – Discover a crime has been committed
Step 2 – Interview all of the logical suspects
Step 3 – Discover alibis for all suspects and hit a dead end
Step 4 – Discover new evidence through high tech means
Step 5 – Catch the criminal who was originally the most unlikely suspect.

Now I’m not here to be a T.V. critic and I like these shows just as much as the next person… but unfortunately they are perpetuating the myth of the quality of average cameras. They always seem to find a camera from the corner store that is able to zoom in close enough to read the date on a receipt sitting on the dash of a car at a kilometer away in a snow storm. Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unless we are talking about some super high tech (super expensive) equipment this is simply not the case.

In our experience, the cameras and video surveillance systems that we install are more then adequate for our clients. We find that they help to prevent a crime just as much as they can help to solve a crime, below are just a few reasons our clients have installed Video Surveillance systems -
• deters vandalism and theft
• holds people accountable to timelines
• proves existing suspicions
• protects against false claims of harassment, workers comp. etc.
• creates timeline of events
Cameras have come along way in recent years and are always improving in quality and becoming more affordable for the average home/business owner. Just be aware that although you may not be able to read the license plate of the car parked 3 blocks away doesn’t mean there isn’t a benefit to installing a Video Surveillance System in your home or business.

If you want to take a look at the quality of a typical camera, visit where you can see a live feed.