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FAQ's About Security

Is the Company a member of a recognized Security Association?

The Canadian standard for Security Company’s is the Canadian Security Association or CANASA. First Line Security is a member of this organization which ensures that we have a voice in the industry as well as staying up to date with the newest technology and trends in home security.

Is the Company licensed, bonded and insured?

For First Line Security the answer is yes, yes and yes. Not only do we expect these things of First Line Security employees but we use a monitoring service, Security Response Centre, who expect the same of their employees. When it comes to security of your home, we want you to feel comfortable and trust the people who are responsible for installing and monitoring your system.


Does the Company’s home security equipment have a warranty?

Make sure to ask about the warranty of the system you are getting. As we all know electronics are not perfect and sometimes things break or stop working for no reason at all. First Line Security offers a one year parts and labour warranty on all systems that we install, and if a specific product has a longer manufacturer warranty, First Line Security will honor the extended warranty.

What are the additional/reoccurring fees associated with the system?

As with any large purchase you need to be aware of the upfront costs as well as the costs of any additional fees that come with the service. For example, when you buy a new cell phone, there is the cost of purchasing the phone but there is also the cost of putting it on a monthly plan, otherwise it’s just a very expensive paperweight. Well a security system it is no different, there is an upfront cost of the system and the reoccurring monthly monitoring fees.

It should also be noted that your security system will work without the monitoring service, however; we highly encourage you to have your system monitored as this will alert you of any issues with the system and the monitoring is what alerts the emergency services of any issues. An un-monitored systems only method of warning would be a siren to alert of intruders.

The upfront cost will vary depending on your specific needs, size of property, level of security and choice of equipment. When you request your no obligation free quote, Doug or Matt will be able to custom design a system that meets your needs while still respecting your budget and review all of your options when it comes to monitoring your system.

Is there a contract or length of time?

You may have heard of people getting free systems installed by one of those big box security companies, but beware of things that sound too good to be true… because they are! Some companies give away free systems to entice customers to get a system. They don’t charge anything up front but the monthly cost of monitoring is much higher and they require you to sign a contract, so essentially you are leasing the system from the company. If you try to get out of this contract you can end up with no monitoring, no system and possibly large penalties for cancelling early. At First Line Security we don’t make deals like this. We believe that you buy the system up front and then pay a basic monthly monitoring fee. At any time if you need to cancel your monitoring, or move the system/monitoring to a new home, we are happy to help you do so with no hassle and no penalties.

If you have any questions regarding Home Security, Video Surveillance or Medical Alarms don’t hesitate to give Doug or Matt a call at 519-881-1103. They are there to help you with all your security needs and will give you a free, no-obligation quote.